PTSD: Different Types of Post Traumatic Stress & How You Can Cope

What You Never Knew About PTSD & What To Do About It   Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is classified as a psychiatric disorder but many researchers and therapists understand it as a brain injury with emotional consequences that can affect anyone who has experienced a traumatic event(s) in their life. PTSD is often misunderstood…

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It’s Pride Month and We’re Here to Celebrate and Educate

It is not too much to say that we are all long overdue for a celebration and Pride Month has come just in time. This month is not only for celebrating the beautiful LGBTQ+ community but also to bring awareness to the everyday struggles, reduce stigma and for us, to raise awareness of the importance…

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Are You A Highly Sensitive Person? Find Out About Your Superpower!

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or someone known to have high “sensory processing sensitivity” (SPS) is effected by emotional and physical stimuli at a level beyond that of the average person. The term and concept of the Highly Sensitive Person was coined by psychologists Elaine and Arthur Aron in 1996. That year, Dr. Elaine N….

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Mental Health Awareness Month: A guide to recognizing your own mental challenges and needs

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month!!! Mental health awareness month means a highlighted opportunity to spread knowledge and educate those around us about the importance of mental health and the impact that mental illness has on people and society as a whole. This is extremely important but before becoming a mental health advocate we have to…

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It’s Maternal Mental Health Month and WE ARE ALL ABOUT IT!!!

During pregnancy the body goes through many changes in preparation for the baby. Organs to get pushed around, stretch marks form, bones shift and more. Hormones not only change the body physically but emotionally as well. Women may experience heightened feelings of anxiety, depression and hopelessness while pregnant but are at times afraid to speak…

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Rest is Productive: How to take a break without all the guilt

You Deserve to Rest, Here’s How: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” We know you’ve heard this or even said it yourself. It’s a common phrase used by those considered over achievers. We have been conditioned to view constant work as the only way to reach our full potential but this causes so much damage and…

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Getting to Know Your Attachment Style & How it Shows Up in Your Relationships

What’s Your Attachment Style? Ever wonder why you can’t seem to get over a breakup while others can move on quickly and with “no issues”? Or maybe you have a hard time expressing your feelings to someone you love so you find yourself pulling them close and pushing them away. All of this has so…

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What You NEED to Know About Insomnia and Sleep Hygiene

Key Tips For A Good Night of Sleep Nearly everyone has experienced occasional difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, but for many people, this problem is all too frequent. Because chronic sleep problems are typically maintained by many different factors, consistently getting a good night’s sleep requires multiple changes in our daily habits. Some of…

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Happy new year 2021

2021: A Year of Possibilities

Happy New Year! We did it! We made through 2020 and have kicked off 2021! To say that last year was a roller coaster would be a vast understatement. Social unrest, natural disasters, a global pandemic, jobs loss, school closures and an election more stressful than any time before; it’s safe to say that last…

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surviving the holiday season

Can You Survive and Thrive This Holiday Season?

 You CAN Thrive This Holiday Season The holidays can be an emotional rollercoaster, even in years where we’re not facing stressful political events and a global pandemic. The combination of mandatory family time (some of whom you might not get along well with or feel safe with) and the expectation of 24/7 joy can be…

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