Clinical Psychologist PSY28924

Dr. Kristen Izbicki


Dr. Izbicki completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Biola University’s Rosemead School of Psychology. She additionally earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Training and Experience

Dr. Izbicki has experience providing psychotherapy to adolescents and adults primarily in outpatient community mental health centers. She has worked extensively with young adults on issues associated with the transition to adulthood and life in college. Dr. Izbicki has treated a number of clinical concerns including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, grief, relationship problems, substance use disorders, and psychotic disorders. In addition to working with clients individually, she has facilitated psychotherapy groups on anger management, depression and anxiety, art therapy, and relationships.

Areas of Specialty

Dr. Izbicki is happy to consider herself a generalist. Her education and training experiences have focused on the issues and symptoms that present most commonly in a treatment setting thus making her a great provider for clients who may be unsure what exactly has been going on for them, and those who are struggling with more than one presenting issue or diagnosis. In our field, being a great diagnostician is key and this is what you will find with Dr. Izbicki.

In session with Dr. Izbicki

Dr. Izbicki approaches therapy as a collaborative endeavor in which the client is the expert on his or her experience. Dr. Izbicki tailors her interventions to the individual needs of her clients, though she tends to operate from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy framework. Dr. Izbicki strives to create a safe space for clients to express themselves freely and feel accepted, respected, and genuinely cared for.

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