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Dr. Megan Ciota

Licensed Neuropsychologist
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ciota is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Licensed Neuropsychologist with a love of all things that intersect with the brain, health and psychology. She is an expert in these areas and is sought after for expert witness services.

Education and Training

Dr. Ciota earned her Masters’ and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Georgia, and her Undergraduate degree in Psychology from SUNY Binghamton. Her training focuses were in behavioral medicine (including health psychology and chronic pain) and neuropsychology.  She completed an internship during her graduate program at SUNY Stony Brook in maternal medicine. Dr. Ciota completed a year-long specialty internship in neuropsychology at the New Orleans Veterans Affairs Medical Center.  After earning her doctorate, she completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship/residency in neuropsychology at Boston University Department of Neurology and at the Boston Veterans Affair Medical Center, jointly.


Dr. Ciota has been in private practice for over 20 years providing help to people dealing with new onset problems like insomnia, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and facing tough life decisions and transitions.  She also offers evidence based support and treatment for people with ongoing, long-term problems, chronic medical issues, and trauma. Dr. Ciota helps people who find that mood and/or life circumstances are interfering with happiness, energy, day-to-day functioning, and moving forward.

Areas of Specialty

As both a Licensed Clinical and Neuropsychologist with a behavioral medicine background, Dr. Ciota also has vast experience treating individuals with a variety of health, neurological and medical conditions and has expertise in neuropsychological, psychoeducational, psychological, and pre-surgical assessment of people of all ages. She has been involved in published research concerning both neuropsychological and pain-related issues.  She is a seasoned practitioner of evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral treatments and also has experience with EMDR on a telehealth platform.  Dr. Ciota has served as both neuropsychological and psychological expert witness in both Louisiana State and Federal Courts.

In Session

When you meet Dr. Ciota, her down to earth personality is immediately apparent and makes her brilliance and expertise that much more impressive. She perfectly balances relatability and professionalism so that you know you are in good hands.

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