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COVID-19 Adult SUpport and Process Group:

In-person group therapyDr. Lena Magardechian is facilitating an ongoing weekly group where you will learn skills and tools for coping, increase stress management, share and receive support on relevant issues such as adjusting to transitions, setting up healthy patterns, and more.

This group is appropriate for adults seeking to get ahead of any negative outcomes brought about by this current global crisis, manage your mental health, and increase your coping while accessing positive support in a reliable and confidential way. To access this group’s private worksheets and forms page click here.

Student online group therapy services


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Covid-19 support and processing Group for students: 

On campus counseling servicesThis ongoing group, facilitated by Dr. Lena Magardechian will allow you to connect with other students who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic either by way of displacement from campus, sudden shifts to remote learning, health issues, family concerns and more. You will learn and utilize mindfulness tools, stress management techniques, how to successfully structure your time, and gain accountability and support in a safe environment.

This group is appropriate for those 18 years and older who may or may not already be working to manage their mental health while getting through the rigors of your academic program.  To access this group’s private worksheets and forms page click here.

online group therapy services

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online group therapy for Covid-19 support

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