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Nancy Pham, MS, RD

Nancy Pham, MS, RD

Nancy is a passionate Registered Dietitian who truly believes being healthy does not mean dieting! Her goal is to empower and she recognizes that everyone has a different starting point. Her mission is to guide individuals towards better nutrition behaviors and habits for the best quality of life without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

Education & Training

Nancy studied dietetics and earned her Master of Science in Food and Nutrition through the accredited Coordinated Dietetics Program at California State University, Los Angeles. She completed over 1,200 hours of supervised practice at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, Covina-Valley School District Nutrition Services and California State University, Los Angeles Student Health Center. During her training, she provided medical nutrition therapy for hospitalized patients regarding multiple health concerns such as cancer, renal and respiratory failure, and diabetes. She was also active in the school food service system creating fun and innovative ways to encourage healthful eating to school-aged students. Lastly, Nancy was trained to provide effective counseling to the college population on various nutrition concerns such as disordered eating, weight loss, healthy eating and meal planning.


Nancy’s experience branches widely as she is exposed to many fields of practice. At Kaiser Permanente, she helps several healthcare members reach optimal health by facilitating a weight management program and teaching healthy eating for health conditions such as pre-diabetes, diabetes, and high-cholesterol levels. She also helps with educating and encouraging parents and children focus on healthier and active lifestyles.

Nancy also has clinical experience at a Skilled Nursing Facility and Convalescent Hospital where she assists with rehabilitating the elderly population back to wellness. She completes assessments and evaluations for various diagnoses such as cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and thyroid disease. She also provides health education to patients and families for optimum nutrition as well as collaborating with the healthcare team to provide the best management of certain disease processes.

Nancy understands the college population both in the teaching and counseling realm. She empathizes with the daily stressors of academic life and understands that time is limited and convenience is a must. She takes this into account when developing individualized nutrition plans to ensure the goal is realistic and achievable.

Nancy is a food and nutrition expert who can provide many nutrition counseling needs.

In session with Nancy

Nancy is a caring individual who will make a strong effort to ensure a positive experience toward your nutritional goals. She strives to guide you to find true motivation for lifestyle wellness and change. She recognizes that a new journey may be challenging, thus will meet you at your comfort level. She believes there are no right ways to be healthy just a better way to achieve it.

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